Talented and Gifted

Mission Statement

The mission statement of Gifted Services in Adams County Ohio Valley Schools is to inspire and challenge our students to excellence by providing the curriculum, instruction and atmosphere to raise those identified to a higher level of learning and performance. The environment is learner-centered with an emphasis on the development of higher level thinking skills. Students learn about important content in a flexible setting while working cooperatively and independently to become life-long learners. An emphasis is placed on encouraging personal, intellectual, social and emotional growth in an atmosphere that is open and accepting of new ideas and opinions.

The Adams County Ohio Valley School District follows the identification eligibility criteria as specified in section 3324.01-.07 of The Ohio Revised Code and the Operating Standards for Identifying and Serving Gifted Students.

Links For Parents:

Gifted Services
Information on the ACOV gifted services can be found in the brochure District Policy for the Identification of and Services for Students Who are Gifted.

Gifted Identification
Information on the ACOV assessments for gifted can be found in the brochure Assessment Instruments Used for Gifted Identification.

Referrals For Gifted Identification Assessment
The referral for Gifted Identification is the Adams County Ohio Valley Gifted Identification Referral Form.