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The Search Institute has identified 40 factors called Developmental Assets and the assets aren’t financial or related to a child’s social economical status. Instead, the factors are related to opportunities, skills, relationships, values, and self-perceptions that all young people need in their lives. The assets are both external (things that other people provide for the youth) and internal (things that young people develop within themselves). There are four categories of external assets: support, empowerment, boundaries/expectations, and constructive use of time. The four categories of internal assets: commitment to learning, positive values, social competencies, and positive identity. The theory promotes the more developmental assets a child has increases the chances that young people will have positive attitudes, behaviors, and be a productive citizen.

ACOVSD currently engages in several initiatives, but there is more to be said about our daily interactions with students and encouraging them to recognize their potential. During the 2016-17 school year, our District incorporated the following additional activities to foster the overall development of our students and to focus on the 40 assets: Health fairs, family reading nights, community service projects, positive behavior intervention supports (PBIS), after-school clubs, Veterans' Day Programs, Grandparents' Day, student code of conduct, Red Ribbon Week, bullying prevention, blessings in a backpack, Kids Read Now!, Right to Read Week, social skills lesson, lunch buddies, behavior bucks, mentoring, and career advisement. One developmental asset is not more important than another, but the overall goal is to increase the number of experiences, opportunities, and positive relationships our students have been exposed to between the ages of 4-18.